Friday, January 14, 2011

6 Months and Counting...

So I took the twins to their 6 month baby check-ups today. Crazy to think they are already 6 months old; well technically they are 6 1/2 months old now. After going through a battery of tests and just plain wingin' it to try and troubleshoot what was causing their problems over the last few months, it feels like we have come full circle. Mostly. I breastfed them for 5 months. Yay Me. But for some very odd reason, my breastmilk didnt sit well at all with them. It caused tummy pain, constipation, and LOTS of gas. When I say lots, and even when I put it all in caps, like LOTS, it is still the understatement of the century. One day I was rocking Bryce, as he was squirming in complete discomfort, and I swear he farted more than I have ever heard any adult fart. Seriously. I felt so bad for him. So in an effort to make their little lives more comfortable, we put them on formula. Just the basic ol' Similac Advance. It seemed to solve the constipation issue, but they were still horribly uncomfortable and gassy. And then came another symptom, food aversion. They would fight and fight when we would try to bottle feed them. The exact way an acid reflux baby would. So the Dr put them on prescription Zantac. It seemed to help, maybe a little. Or maybe we were just trying super hard to see something that really wasnt there. On to the next drug. Prevacid. Same thing, we thought maybe a tiny bit better. Maybe not. So, one day my husband, the problem-solver that he is, said "we need to try putting them on sensitive formula". So matter of factly. Ok. So thats what we did and Wah-La! Within 2 days they were back to their normal, giggly, smiley, happy baby selves. It seems like such an obvious solution now, but we had eliminated that option early on because their stool-sample tests came back showing no cow milk allergies. Apparantly they do not have cow milk allergies, but they do have a sensitivity to it. There. The End. So now, we feel like we are parenting normal babies, and we are continuing to encourage good nighttime sleeping habits in hopes that sometime soon, we could receive the ultimate reward of a solid, uninterrupted, nights sleep.

Except now, they are teething. One thing that all parents know....IF IT IS NOT ONE THING, ITS ANOTHER!

Because of the feeding issues over the last several months, they went from being in the 85th percentile on only my breastmilk (yes, I had buttermilk), to the 60th percentile where they currently are. Devin weighs 18lbs 3oz, and Bryce weighs 18lbs even. Still big healthy boys. Still so blessed.

One other thing from this visit. As I was waiting in the (where else) waiting room, there was a man there with his wife (I assume) and their baby. He, being Mister Obvious, says "Are they twins?". Me, "Do I really need to answer that?" No, I didnt really say that, I just really thought it. "Yes, they are". So he goes on to say "Thats so awesome". And I reply with, "Yeah it is, its fun....and sometimes it sucks!". What? WHAT?? Did she just say that having twins sometimes sucks????? Oh, Em, Gee!!! Ok, let me defend myself here. I would never, ever ever, (do I need to add a few more never ever's to emphasize the point?) NEVER EVER, trade what I have. Nor do I take it for granted. I thank God every single day for blessing me with these precious gifts, and trusting me to do right by them, and by Him. BUT, sometimes, the logistics of it all, Sucks. Sorry people. But that is the truth. That is honest, and that is real. And I know a lot of you want to say it sometimes too. So im saying it for all of us. And its OK. It doesnt make any of us bad parents. We arent saying that our children suck. We are just saying that it is hard work. Really REALLY hard work sometimes, and often times it sucks.

And I will close this post with a quote from my Dad, "Parenting is the hardest thing you will ever do, and the most rewarding thing you will ever do." Well said Pops.


  1. And also the most important thing you will ever do!!!

  2. 60% is still great!!
    SO glad you finally worked things out...sorry it took so long :(

  3. Hi there, come over from M&M. Your boys are precious! I am a Mom to 3 year old G/B twins. One thing I think is hard with twins is I sometimes feel like maybe I am giving one or the other more time &/or attention. That sucks! Anyways I look forward to following your blog. Please feel free to visit mine. ( Take care, Andrea

    btw- your blog looks great!

  4. Hi Andrea! Thanks for checking my blog out. I will be heading over to yours momentarily. And yes, trying to equalize the attention distribution is a challenge! Plus I have my 2 year old, so its Mommy guilt x3! But we do our best to make our rounds evenly :)

  5. Yay! I'm so glad that I'm not the only one! I have twin baby girls who are just about 5 months old. I had a rough start and it's taken a long time to get where we are. I love my babies more then I ever thought but there are still days when I wonder if I made the right to choice to even get pregnant! A lot of mothers say stuff like, "When my babies where born it was like the universe opened up to me and they are my stars and my moon..." and they trail off with a dreamy look in their eyes. Sheesh! I'm glad you had such a wonderful and peaceful relationship with you child/ren but unfortunately there weren't any universes opening for me! I feel it is important that people know that motherhood isn't all sunshine and roses... and that's okay! I don't think it is supposed to be. Maybe if we all talked about it instead of hiding our real feelings (even the bad ones) we'd all feel better and raise better/stronger/happier children!