Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hello blog world J So, I started a blog. Yep. For those of you who don’t know me very well, I am a stay at home Mommy to my 2 year old son Kyle, and my 6 month old twin boys Devin & Bryce. Married to a wonderful man, Todd, who truly makes my world turn. More about me? Ok ok, fine. I recently discovered I have a passion for photography.  I have the cutest subjects in the world to practice on, so hopefully this will help with fine tuning my skills, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, result in some brag worthy photos in the future. My other great passion is horses. I grew up barrel racing. (I just lost a bunch of you didn’t I? Well, thank God for google!) At this current point in time I am taking a break from horsey stuff (obviously I did not graduate college with a masters degree in writing, so expect to hear lots of: words that don’t exist, grammatical errors, slang talk, and horrible useless filler words like “stuff”). Wait where was I? Oh yeah, a break from “horsey STUFF”.  Taking a break for life to happen. To get married (check), have my babies (check check check), and get through the beginning stages of those most important things. So I plan to head back into the arena, hopefully, next year J And I cant wait! Im just a country girl at heart, so of course I enjoy all of the usual hobbies that match a person like me, who grew up in a town with a population of -5. Fishing, camping, horseback riding in the mountains, etc. But besides all of my extracurricular hobbies, my GREATEST fulfillments in life come from being a Mother and a Wife. If everything else was gone and I just had those things, I would be just fine.

Moving On. BLOG PLANS. Oh, the plans I have for this blog! And all of these plans are, TIME PERMITTING. With 3 kids under 2, “extra time” is a phrase I typically choke on when I try to say it out loud. But on a good day, I get some time where all 3 kids are taking naps at the same time. So whats a Mom to do with this free time? I blog, that’s what I do!
So. Blog plans. This is a rough draft, that is likely to change, but for now it will be somewhat scheduled to help keep my life sane. Every Monday will be food day. I will most likely post a recipe that is a regular around here, and one that we love. Maybe I will talk about some tips or shortcuts I have stumbled across, probably through some cooking disaster I was a part of. Or maybe I will share a great website that has wonderful recipes for us all to try. I will tell you this much though, I want this to help other Mom’s like me who find themselves struggling with “ugh, what do I cook for dinner tonight?” Its easy to get in a rut with your dinner rotations and become desperate for some new inspiration. So hopefully you can find some of that HERE, every MONDAY J
Because of my recently discovered passion for photography, as mentioned above, I will do Wordless Wednesdays. Because-how-can-I-have-a-blog-and-not-do-Wordless-Wednesdays???!! (I stole this idea from Brooke Burke @ modernmom) I will post a picture, or 3 or 5, or more, without any words or blog entries accompanying them. Hence the whole “wordless” idea. Maybe down the line others can join me in this?
So, to summarize.
Mondays: Food day
Wednesdays: Wordless Wednesdays (photos only)
And, according to no set schedule whatsoever, the other days will consist of postings about LIFE. I will talk about anything and everything I want to. So there! No, seriously. This is where I get to be spontaneous J Oh jeez, look out!
One promise I will make… will all be REAL. I cant stand reading blogs where people try to project like life is perfect, they are perfect, and nothing ever unsettles them. If I am pissed off about something that is important enough, or feel like I am having a total Mommy meltdown, chances are that you will read all of the juicy details. And equally, you will get the scoop on all of the great things that are happening and the things that make me feel like the most blessed person in the whole darn world! So if I haven’t rambled along too much in this first, most important ever blog post, and this sounds like something you might enjoy following, please jump on the bandwagon! Become a follower, grab a button, or just go to the url ( and check for updates. This WILL be a wild ride people, so buckle up!



  1. WooHoo! I'm leaving the first comment on your blog. It will be so awesome for you to chronicle your life on here! Love keeping up will all the happenings in your beautiful little blue-eyed family!

  2. I love it...I havent updated ours in almost a year!

  3. Cool, visitng you from These are but the Fringes....nice to meet you. Blogging is fun and looks like you have a pretty good plan, better than I had when I first started blogging. I didn't have twins, but have 5 kids and I actually had our 4th baby before my oldest was 4, and I had 3 in diapers at once, so I do know a little of what you face : ) Look forward to more posts, have a great day!

  4. Hi Crystal! Wow, you must be super Mom!! 3 in diapers at once is super tough, but my 2 year old is doing great with potty training so I am very optimistic! Good to meet you, and thanks for checking out my blog :)