Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twin Talk Tuesday

Hey-O Everyone! As promised, its Twin Talk Tuesday. Below are the answers to some of the FAQ's I get about twins. I planned to answer a LOT more questions, but this all got a little involved (which is why you can see how parents of multiples get irritated when we get stopped in stores by multiple random strangers who want to play "50 questions, the twins edition", with us. And all while we are trying to cram 1 hour of shopping into the last 15 minutes of their nap name, because may every force be with us if they wake up in the middle of the shopping trip!). So, while Twin Talk Tuesday may or may not be a regular segment (is that what you call it, a segment? Idk, sounds good though), I will be doing it from time to time, and will continue to answer more of the questions I didnt get to today :) Read On!



Not that the blue carseats, blue blankets, and blue sleepers would have been ANY indication, but they are both boys.


We dont know yet. The usual response from people is "Huh, cant they tell when your pregnant with them?". Gosh I sure am glad I studied genetics, with an emphasis on twinning, while I was at Johns Hopkins University, so that I can spend the next 15 minutes properly explaining this to a complete stranger. The answer as follows: Girl/Boy twins are always, no matter what, fraternal. They are from 2 separate eggs. Now, as for same sex twins, huh-hmmm, listen carefully now because this is where everyone gets confused.... There is always a possibility with same sex twins, EVEN IF THEY HAVE 2 SEPARATE PLACENTAS AND ARE IN 2 SEPARATE SACS, that they could be identical. This is my situation. My boys were in separate sacs and had separate placentas (which is the healthiest way to carry a twin pregnancy btw), but that still does not mean they are fraternal twin boys. Got it? Why, you ask?? Why the heck is that? BECAUSE, ok....here's another part where you need to listen carefully... There is a very small time frame for when an egg splits, AND IF the egg splits at a very precise point in that small time frame, IT WILL APPEAR that the twins are fraternal because they will be in separate sacs and have separate placentas, when in fact they are identical. Do I have you confused all over the place?? Twins can appear to be fraternal, in utero, when in fact they are identical...IT JUST ALL DEPENDS ON WHEN THE EGG SPLIT. Of course, they can be fraternal and have separate placentas and sacs too. So basically, there is no way of knowing for a fact, unless they are boy/girl twins. You just have to "wait and see as they grow older" as my doctor said.

     Nope. We still mix them up sometimes.


No, we did not take everyone's advice and put tattoo's on the bottoms of their feet. We can usually tell by looking at them straight on because Dev has a rounder head, and Bryce has more of an oval shaped head. If we look at them from any angle other than straight on, we often cant tell. Especially if they happen to be in the same outfits.


Sometimes. When they were brand new, we always did. I just thought that was the cool part of having same sex twins, and plus it just put a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence "YOU HAVE TWINS", which was still sinking in at that point. Now, I still like doing the similar twin dress-up thing, but I tend to just coordinate them now, rather than dress them identically. Except at night, at night we dress them completely different, so that in our sleep deprived-one eye closed and the other half way open-stumbling to the nursery to pick up a crying baby-HAZE, we might have the smallest chance in the world of knowing which one we have.


Devin Wayne....Devin is a name I heard while at the waterslides in 07, and banked in my memory for future usage. And Wayne is Todd's middle name. Devin is named after his Dad.
Bryce Kayden...Bryce is a name Todd really liked, and I did too when he suggested it to me. Kayden is after my middle name, which is Kay. But come on, we couldnt name him Bryce Kay. We might as well have just named him Sue at that point. (Johnny Cash fans, that was for you). So. Devin Wayne and Bryce Kayden.

Thats it for this Tuesday! Dont forget Wordless Wednesday tomorrow :) Have a great day everybody!!


  1. We get the two boys, two girls two of each thing all the time. For the record, after four sons my girls are almost ALWAYS in dresses, have hot pink carseats, and have pink hats etc.

    Our girls shared a placenta and had two sacs. The initial report from the pathologist said identical. They looked a lot alike from the start, and I only saw them side by side at five days old. They still look alike when asleep. I still mix them up at night (they still co-bed at 1 year!) Howver, when you look at photos of them, they are most definitely fraternal! Elizabeth has hazel eyes and HAIR, Emily has blue eyes and is BALD. They have also maintained their just over 1 pound weight difference since birth.

    I love their differences and similarities. I do dress them alike a lot. Mostly because we got so many cute gifts, and now since they are mobile, when we go to places like indoor playlands and they run in opposite directions, other people "get" that they belong together and will bring me back the stray twin!

  2. I love the blog, found it from multiples and more. Can totally relate to he questions you just wrote about except I have girls, 20 months old. I finally got them tested to see if they were identical or not, for my sake and because i got tired of people asking and me not knowing. So now I know, identical. Will keep reading, love the recipe Monday's too!