Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day at The Park

So we woke up Sunday to a nice, bright, warm, uncharacter of February, sunny day. The day started relatively smooth and since I had just gotten my new camera on Saturday and was dying to use it, we decided to take the kiddos and go to the park. Kyle has been a huge fan of the park lately, and is getting Spring fever mighty early, so we have been trying to go there as much as possible. Of course we made sure everyone was freshly napped, fed, changed, medicated, etc. before we took the plunge. To eliminate as many possibilities for meltdowns as we could. I was optimistic and excited. We got there, layed a blanket down for the babies to sit and play on, sat a baby on it, and.....wailing and screaming, instantaneously. WELL....so much for that. So, each of us, with a baby on our hip, followed Kyle around.....down the slide, across the bridge, up the stairs, through the tunnel. We were never able to set the little guys down, not-even-once, and we ended up being forced to leave within 30 minutes because they were so upset. And then Kyle was upset that we had to leave. And then I was upset that Kyle couldn't play anymore. And that the babies were crying and I couldn't possibly figure out what box I forget to check before we left the house. And that I hadn't got to use my new fancy dancy camera for even ten minutes, if that. And then Todd was upset because the rest of us were upset and it was up to him to try to lift us all back up. Do you see where I am going with this?? I was pretty bummed about it all. Until I saw the photos I had taken. THIS is what I love about photography. Had I not taken these photos and had them to look back on, I would have thought of that day as not much fun at all. A big fat flop. I wouldn't have really remembered any good points. But looking at these pictures reminded me of all those cliche sayings that are so true....there is always a silver lining....if you look closely you will see the stars through the clouds.....the glass is always half full. You get it. Photography captures those moments in between the tough times....the great times, that sometimes you don't even notice. It reminds you to see the good! And if you aren't seeing it, then look harder! Because it is there. The good is always there.

Right HERE..........

You know you are never going to get a perfectly posed picture of 3 kids this young. So you settle for the candids. And oh how they satisfy!

He loved going through the tunnel. And well, you take what you can get. In my opinion, a good photographer just finds what makes the kid happy and gets the shot that way. Forget posing. Forget coaxing them to sit still. You follow them around in their little worlds all the while snapping away like crazy. Those are the best shots anyway :)

And....Below, My favorite shot of the day, and probably ever. Maybe its that innocent baby expression. Maybe its those bright blue eyes. Maybe its the perfect contrast of colors, and the way the old weathered wood makes his face sparkle, maybe its the gorgeous bokeh. Maybe its the fact that its MY BABY. Whatever it is. I LOVE IT.


  1. Beautiful boys! Great photography! <3

  2. What a great blog! And those pictures are amazing! You truly have a gift or two - photography AND writing!!! - Auntie Karen

  3. Awesome blog - awesome pix - awesome boys -

  4. Love, love these photos! You have such adorable boys! Thanks for sharing!