Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(Not So) Worldess Wednesday

When I started this blog, I figured it would help me stay on task if I made a schedule and stuck to it. That way I wouldnt fall into that "Oh it was a hectic day so I will just do the post tomorrow" and then tomorrow turns into "in a couple days" which turns into "next week" and before you know it you havent done a blog post in over a year. But im finding that I might have to let go of my fear of becoming the inactive blogger, because of my schedule. As all parents know, some days are harder than others with the kids. And I dont want for this blog to, in any way, become a source of stress for me because I am dissappointed in myself for not getting a post up according to my set schedule. I dont want my blog schedule to interfere with or take anything away from my family. Im sure you will all understand, right? So what this means, is that at least for now, I wont be doing any posts according to a "schedule". No more Monday recipes or wordless Wednesdays. I do still plan to do a recipe post each week, and post pictures so much that you might start hating me, but they wont be done on any specific day. So what better day to initiate the breaking of the cycle than on what used to be, wordless wednesday. Ha!

So here is todays post :)

Once aaaaaaaaagain, (and make sure you say aaaaaagain like you would imagine a teenager saying it when you tell them to smile for just one more picture....on the fifty-ith picture, before they walk out the door with their prom date) I am whole-heartedly in love with photography now that I have been doing it for a little while, and the twins became victim of this yesterday. They were just the poor innocent bystanders of a love affair turned into an obssesion. Oh....I mean, I forced them to do a mini-shoot. No specific milestone photo shoot...they are 7 1/2 months old...just obsessed photographer meets overly proud and self-indulgent Mom, and their lovechild forces these babies to do a random mini photo-shoot. Anyway, outdoor photography is WAY easier than indoor photography. Period. End of discussion. So im working a lot on my indoor set-up to try and perfect everything and come up with the perfect balance of scene composure, lighting, etc. I constantly have ideas popping into my overworked and underslept little brain, and my kids just happen to be there, practically begging me to experiment on them. Ok they dont beg, they pretty well refuse....but after five thousand takes, we probably get a combined actual shooting time of maybe 15 minutes. And then in that 15 minutes of shooting time, my camera has to be trained to strategically dodge a 2 year old big brother who wants to help his parents get the subjects' attention by screaming at them, in front of the camera mind you, "DEBBIE! BYCIE! YA YA YA! DEB! BYCE! LA LA YA YA! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!". But if I get lucky, I might get a good shot or two.

So THIS was a result of all of THAT!........

I wont be mean and make you guess who is who and then laugh because you get it wrong. Because you WILL get it wrong. Dont think you're just that good. Because even we, as the parents, get it wrong sometimes.
Devin is on the blue team. Bryce is on the green team.

My sweet little Bryce....Ever the toe-sucker :)

These next 2 are not photos that I consider part of my "photographer" collection....They are just out-takes. I had to show you because these are some of the moments that as a Mother of twins, I have the honor of witnessing on a daily basis. Its moments like these, even though Dev is upset with his brother in both shots, that make me feel like im super cool because I have twins. Haha! No, but in all seriousness...What a blessing, priveledge, and yes....Honor :)

P.S......I know your just dying to know where I got the elf hats, arent you?
I had them custom made at Two-Sisters Bowtique :)


  1. Random blogs and recipes will give me something to be surprised about when they happen - as you can find or make the time!
    Good for you for not wanting something fun to turn into a stress maker!

  2. I love all of your photos here, but the last one is my favorite. We are super cool for having twins. :)

  3. These are awesome Mandy! Your blog writing is awesome too, so descriptive and entertaining! I smile when I read the things you write! LOVE It!!!

  4. anonymous is me! Need to get an account on here, I guess! Love Crissy!!!

  5. Love your blog... My favorite pic is the twins looking at each other. Looks like they are talking about mom taking another picture. Whenever you have time to blog, I will enjoy..