Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleep - So THAT'S what normal is!

I think I have made it pretty widely known that our kids are all bad sleepers. The twins at 8+ months old, are still insanely tough. As I said before, we see every hour on the clock throughout the night. Baby fusses...we let them fuss until we know they wont settle down and will wake the other baby, so we go to them. Put a binkie in their mouth, roll them on their side, pick them up, give them a bottle....etc. Its odd that the nights go so terribly, when during the day we sleep train them and they are champs through it! Devin has even gotten to the point where, when we lay him down, about 50% of the time he doesn't even whine or fuss or whimper....just rolls over and snuggles into his blanket and goes to sleep. So I know they GET IT. They CAN do it! At night, they don't "wake up"..they barely even open their eyes. They don't try to be "awake" and playful...just high maintenance! So, that's what our normal has been.

*BUT* last night......was a miracle! So big of a deal that I am actually doing a blog post about it! Here's how the night went down. Each baby had a bottle around 9 and they both went to bed at 9:30. Kyle went to bed at 10. The babies SLEPT ALL THE WAY UNTIL 2AM, without ever waking us once! And they woke at the same time, so I took Bryce and gave him a bottle, and Todd took Devin and gave him a bottle. They went right back to sleep and then SLEPT THE REST OF THE NIGHT UNTIL 7:15!!!! BOO-YA!

I know most every parent reading this is going...seriously? That's the big darn deal?? But it SO is a big deal. And I'm pretty well certain that by making a big deal of it all, I will completely jinx myself for this coming night, but I just couldn't keep it to myself. Besides, I know that most parents of multiples (with the exception of Samantha-who, lucky duck, has the easiest twins ever) COMPLETELY relate!

So, celebrate with us...It is a BIG deal :)


  1. Congratulations on your fantastic sleep!
    I'm not an expert and I struggle with my little ones who are 6 months right now. However, I wonder if they are going to bed a little late? My babes go to sleep at 6:30 - 7 and they sleep pretty well. They get up at 10-11 and then 3-4 for a nurse then up around 6-7am. Every baby is different so you know best however, a couple books I've read said try earlier bed times. Maybe that could be another strategy for great sleeps? Good luck and I know the triumphant feeling you have right now! Yay! Hope it keeps up and continues to improve too!

  2. Yay for sleep! I hope that they have turned the corner and sleep better for you from now on!