Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Twin Talk Tuesday


So today is the first of March. Which means the twins are 8 months old! And it is also a Tuesday...so I just had no choice but to do Twin Talk Tuesday :)

Thinking of everything that has happened in our lives in the past 8 months really sets my heads spinning. Life has changed drastically, to say the least. At 8 months old, the twins really are doing amazingly well and are thriving little babies. I NEVER use that expression "its easier" because easy has NOTHING to do with it. I will be honest. It is still HARD. Really hard. But it is far less excruciating than it was in those earlier months. Maybe our "twins" experience would have felt a bit more comprehensible, had our little guys not had issue after issue. It took us the first 5 months to discover that they were cow milk *sensitive*. Not allergic...just sensitive. So I had to stop breastfeeding them and we put them on soy formula. And that changed our worlds so much for the better. And then they both started teething their bottom teeth. By 7 1/2 months they each had both of their bottom teeth. And immediately after that they both got colds. Just your regular, typical, seasonal cold. They had about a 2 day break from that and then they both got REALLY BAD colds. A different type of cold that was heartbreaking to watch them weather. Bryce had absolutely no voice. When he cried you couldn't hear a sound except heavy breathing. It was all just sooooo sad. But they are finally over that, and now they are teething top teeth. UGH....kiiiillll meeee nowwwww! So that's where we are. At the point where things should seem relatively normal. And normal is relative of course! But its our normal. As normal as it will get at this point for us. It means that, while so many things are still here-there-and-everywhere and occur according to nothing but randomness, there is some consistency and a few things we can count on and schedule around.

We felt like when Kyle hit the 9 month mark, things started changing rapidly and it was nothing but FUN. I can see the same pattern developing with the twins. Its Coming. They are doing SO MUCH now and we are enjoying them endlessly :) Here's what is happening with them....

DEVELOPMENTAL/COMMUNICATION: Just in this past week, Devin said his first 2 words. I know...your thinking "Oh riiiiiggghht, your 8 month old baby is talking -- ok, maybe you are as sleep-deprived as you say you are". And you are certainly right about the sleep deprivation part, But he IS talking. Remember, I have done this before...I am perfectly capable of differentiating between the babbling, muh muh muh and dah dah dah and bah bah bah, and actual words. And he said them. 2 of them. Mah-Mah and Dah-Dah. He said Dada first, I concede....so you win Dear. But just 2 days later he said Mama. I know he said the "words" because Devin is not as much of a talker and babbler as Bryce. When he says something he means it and doesn't want to talk unless he has to. Typical guy. He says Mama whenever he fusses and sees me. He reaches his arms out toward me and says Mama. He ALWAYS reaches when he says it and only says it to me. Same with his Dad. He says Dada when he wants his Dad's attention or just wants him period. So he said his first 2 words. Dada and Mama. AWESOME!!! All of the hard work we put into taking care of them in the earlier months was like putting deposits in the bank, and once you start having moments like the first smiles, first laughs, first words, etc....those are your withdrawals. When you really feel like you are getting paid back for everything you put in. We are having lots of those moments now :)

Clapping. They have been clapping for about a month and a half now. It is quite early for that so we are thrilled :) If we clap and tell them to "clap clap clap" they do it. Pretty simple. They also just clap randomly whenever they feel like it.

Waving. Devin started waving this week. ~Quick interjection: Devin is usually a couple of weeks ahead of Bryce on most things, so when Dev does something new we know its about 2 weeks before Bryce will start doing it too~ So if we wave at him and say Hi or Bye Bye, he waves too. The open-and-close-hand-repeatedly wave, not the actual wave wave. Adorable!

EATING: They are AMAZING eaters. On some days, they individually give Kyle a run for his money on food intake. I'm not even kidding! Its crazy to me because Kyle has never been a big eater. He wouldn't eat ANY meat until he was 15 mos old. And anything with a texture...even something as simple as oatmeal....he would gag on and regurgitate. Are you getting a clear enough picture? :) But the twins eat everything. Except the usual things you have to avoid until a year old (wheat, dairy, citrus, fish, nuts, strawberries, etc) and major choking hazards. They will eat any meat. Shredded chicken, hamburger, lunch meat. As well as things like pasta, rice, refried beans, green beans, bananas, etc. And the containers of baby food. And finger foods/snacks :) Like I said, Great eaters.

SLEEPING: Ohhhhhh...maybe I shouldn't touch on this topic :-/  Ok...here's whats up. Still having a miserable time with them at night. Let's just say that both of us see every single hour on the clock, and sometimes multiple times. As in, we get up when the hour hand is on the 11, 12, 1 ,2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You get it. Yea, its like worse than some newborns. 8 months later. Its all we can do to keep our sanity and THIS is why. During the day things go MUCH smoother. They nap consistently 3 times a day and at the same time. And usually Kyle naps along with them during their 2nd nap, around 12 or 1. Triple nap time! This is the only thing keeping my brain from turning to mush. Well, its already mushy like jello because of the lack-of-sleep, but this is keeping it from becoming mushy like soggy cereal. I have been doing sleep training, finally. I think this is why days go so great. I wait to put them down until they are totally rubbing their eyes and smashing their little faces into my shirt. Cuddling with them and loving on them while they are sleepy and getting tired, before laying them down, makes me more willingly and able to accept the sleep training. I feel like I am letting them know and understand that I love them dearly and this is just to make everyone's life easier. Having that sweet and tender moment before makes me a little more ok with actually letting them cry themselves to sleep. Even though it goes against my every instinct. I know it is practically mandatory for them and for us, but its still hard. They only cry for 5-10 minutes typically and then fall right asleep. So they are handling it magnificently.

TWIN INTERACTION: This is what people always want to know about. Its that whole twin thing, the thing we will be challenged by for their entire lives. People want to know more about what their interactions are with each other as twins, and are far less concerned with their individual accomplishments and milestones. There are no hard feelings...I'm sure people don't even realize they are doing it. And its neat...the twin interaction thing. It truly is. But we will always struggle to maintain a balance between respecting them as individuals and celebrating the gift of them being twins.

So anyway. Yes, we are starting to see a lot of Twin interactions.

If one cries, it sets the other one off and he cries.

If we pick one up, the other one will start fussing and reaching out for us too.

They fight over toys. If they are playing side by side, they always want the toy that the other one has. And of course, they cry when the other twin takes the toy. This is just a sibling thing period.

They still hold hands. And now they chew on each other's extremities. Well...mostly Bryce chews on Devin :)

So I know that as soon as we figure out the nights, things will seems like they made a huge turn around. It feels good now, other than that part. Its feels like the twins are really functioning as part of the family now. I know that sounds weird, because obviously they have been part of the family since they were born. But other than being cute and lovable, they didn't interact with all of us. And now, they are involved and taking part in everything we do. When we eat, they eat with us...the same things mostly. We play together with toys on the floor. They laugh at Kyle jumping around entertaining them while I cook dinner. Its less of us changing our routine, or forgetting it altogether, just to take care of their needs....and more of them now partaking in what we are doing and fitting into our routine. Hopefully that makes sense! They are the sweetest little guys and we love them to death. Its hard to believe that in just 4 short months, we will be celebrating their 1st birthday!

And lastly....we STILL do not know if they are identical or fraternal. They look soooooo alike its crazy. We just haven't determined whether its that they are identical or that its just strong genetics :) What do you think??....

Either way...they are adorable, gorgeous, 8 month old baby boys!


  1. This is my new favorite photo!!! I know, I know.... I have a different favorite everyday, but this is really awesome and I'll think so tomorrow, too! (BTW... this is Auntie R not sure why it says Robert)

  2. I bet they are identical. Why don't you getting them tested? I had our twin girls tested because I always felt like a goof when people asked and I could only blubber I don't know... yada yada.. you need to do DNA testing to be sure... yada yada.. only to be met with blank stares. It's really nice to know "for sure" it somehow give me better insight into their personalities to know. We just did a little cheek swab and sent it into a company and in 10 days the emailed us the results. Our girls look very similar but it's really not that hard to tell them apart and yet they are identical. I think it is worth it to know. Let me know if you want the company name. Wasn't too expensive either...

  3. Love the blog more than usual today, Mandy. And today this is my fav photo of them with you.

  4. Rikki,

    Yes! Can I please have that info? We totally want to find out and know :)

  5. Hmm...

    The company we used was DNA Solutions.
    You just need to swab their cheeks with Q-tips and send them in separate envelopes. (there are instructions on the website) My husband did a little research on them and it looks like they are legit. We just approached it as a bit of a "novelty" and something fun to do... if it ever came to a serious health issue and we need to know we would probably have to get them tested again by a doctor so the results are "legally recognized" This place was the cheapest we found online. I'll be watching for the results if you do decide to go for it. My vote is on identical! Good luck!

  6. Hi, I would love to know if my twins are identical... When I called this company I found out the actual price (in Canada) is $500 - do you mind me asking (Rikki) how much you ended up paying?
    Samantha at

    Thanks for any help, I'm so sure they are fraternal I don't want to pay $500 but would love to have proof!