Wednesday, April 27, 2011

10-ish Months & Counting

Oh, look, I have a blog! I almost forgot! Not really, but there has been SO MUCH going on that the thought of actually taking 20 minutes to write a blog post is inconceivable. I literally don't even have 20 extra minutes a day. That sounds dramatic, but it is 100% true. Reminder, twin babies, 2 year old who is certainly SMACK DAB in the middle of his "terrible two's". (Please don't take this time to tell me that 3 is worse. I have heard it and it almost threw me into a full blown melt down. I cant even imagine! I'm just hoping that I am the freak case, and his 3's will be better than the 2's have been.) The other factor in the equation these days is my photography business. I never imagined it would take off like it has, and I am doing everything I can to keep up with it. If its going to go, I want to take it there. This isn't my photography blog, so I am not going to go into tons of detail on that, but yeah, it's moving along RAPIDLY. So every second I have, I am editing photos, or putting business things together, etc. Life is busy. ITS FREAKIN' BUSSSSYYYY!!

But, I wanted the focus of this post to be my twins. I was "supposed" to post an update when they were 9 months old, but like their 9 month portraits, I fell behind several weeks. So, this would now be their "10 month update". So yeah, on May 1st they will be 10.MONTHS.OLD! Is that even possible??! As agonizing as the first few months were, it still seems to have flown by. And now they are almost a year old. My babies. My last babies :( We witnessed with Kyle, that when he hit the 9 month mark, things started changing so incredibly fast. Like exponentially, all of the sudden. So the stage between 9 months and 18 months was promptly proclaimed my favorite baby stage. And that is where Dev & Bryce are. They are SO MUCH FUN right now. I cant believe the things they are doing. It is really rewarding, after all of that insane hard work we put in during those beginning months. So here's the scoop on whats happening with them....

We do plan do find out whether for sure they are identical or not, but I guess we are just waiting until we feel like we can justify spending the money. (ps...if you are asking how come we don't know based on the way I carried them...separate placentas, sacs, can read about it HERE, where I explained it in detail.) I will say this, when they were newborns we could easily tell them apart. And literally as they grow, every month gets harder and harder to tell. The older they get the more and more identical they look. Close family and friends who see them on a weekly basis, mix them up almost every time. And even we, as the parents, mix them up constantly. Never for an extended period of time, but for a few minutes. One of us will be chattering to a baby, saying something like "What's Devvy-Doo up to???" (yes, we talk like that to them) and the other one will say, "Umm, I think that is Bryce". "Are you sure?" Followed by the trick of holding the baby out straight in front of you, looking back and forth between them, turning them around to look at the back of their heads (at the hair -Dev has a little more). And eventually just saying "Oh, I guess it is". So, we are like 99.5% sure. Of course they look so much like Kyle too, and there are strong genetics in play, but they do look identical, and much more like each other than like Kyle's baby pictures. We also notice certain mannerisms now, like Bryce always crosses his feet when he is sitting (can you say adorable?!) And Bryce is our major jabber box. Yes, he got that from me. Sure, I will claim it. He just talks constantly. And really gets into it, like "ah bah bah da.da.DA DA DA!! AH BAH! YA YA!! YA!" Like that. Hilarious. So yeah, the mannerisms help us differentiate as well. But altogether, they really do act like identicals as well. People ask all of the time if they have totally different personalities. You would be shocked at how similar they are! Other than minor things like Bryce being more of a talker, and louder. And Devin a bit more of a thinker....they act so much alike too.

For instance, here we are, at 10 months old, and neither are "crawling"....based on the technical definition of the word. They crawl backward, in a circle, easily go from sitting to laying on the floor, and from laying on the floor to sitting themselves back up, roll all across the room in every direction, army crawl.... They do everything except power crawl straight forward. And now they are both starting to pull up on furniture. So I think they might both end up skipping that whole power crawling thing. Their pediatrician says that the crawling stage is one they really don't want kids to skip, because studies show that it makes them more coordinated adults, but as long as they do some form of crawling, they will be just fine. So technically what they are doing, is "some form" of crawling. Works for me! One step closer to 18 anyway. Just kidding!!

For the last like 3 months, they eat like toddlers. Seriously! They will completely refuse any mushy baby food, and I can barely get a bottle down them. I half a banana and give them each a half, and I don't cut it into bite sized pieces or anything. They just chow it down. 100% supervised, of course. They eat meat; chicken, turkey, hamburger. Fruit, cheese, pasta, rice, beans, crackers. You name it! Its actually so nice, because they eat what we eat. It makes meal prep a million times easier.

Oh side note, apparently I lost my marbles somewhere along the way (can you believe that?!) and didn't realize that the formula we were giving them wasn't "soy" was just lactose free, which is still "dairy". So they aren't sensitive to dairy, they are sensitive to lactose. And they can now have cheese, and yogurt. And probably by the time they are a year old, they will be over the lactose sensitivity as well. This revelation will make my Dad happy, because he hated the idea of them being on soy. I'm not going to say why. But he got his info from a Veterinarian. And duh, Vets know it all.

They weight 21 pounds each now. Big enough for a forward facing carseat, but just not old enough. We are close though. Big enough to break your back and require icing tired and sore muscles at the end of a long, baby holding day. And only 5 pounds lighter each than their big brother.

Talking. Devin really talks. Asks for me, and says Mama. Says it when he reaches his arms out for me, or when he gets stuck under a chair and needs rescuing. Says "uh oh" when he drops things. And drops them purposely, saying "uh oh" before he even lets go, and then quickly looking at us to see what our reactions will be. Its too cute to discipline right now :) Bryce really just jabbers, a lot, right now. He does say Dada, and Baba, and I think he says Bye sometimes too.

They are both great wavers! They wave without being prompted when people leave our house or when we leave from somewhere. The other day, Devin actually waved to me as I was laying him in his crib for a nap. So CUTE! Cribs, by the way, will be dropping a level this week, now that they are both sitting up in them, and grabbing the side rails.

Sleep. Crap. They sleep train and are wonderful during the day. Terrible at night. I'm not even kidding when I say I am lucky if I get 3 hours per night. I am just going to have to toughen up, and make them sleep train hard core at night. 3 days, right? Everyone tells me you have 3 bad nights, and then after that they are great night-time sleepers. Lets hope so.

Uhh, what else? Binkies. Still using binkies, but working on breaking them. I have a system of leaving the binkies in the crib when they wake up during the day, so that they only get them when its time to nap. But I don't want them to learn that they can only fall to sleep with a binkie. They fall out of their mouth's as soon as they fall asleep anyway. So, I have to make a new plan. But right now, we are just picking our battles.

So that's about it. I'm sure I will think of several more things as soon as I hit the "publish post" button, but that's the major scoop :) They are so fun right now, life is getting less difficult, and we love them to death! I will leave you with the one 9 month photo I took of them. I promise, to myself, and them, and family and friends, and blog followers, that their 1 year photos will be more plentiful!

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  1. Yay! I loved this update!! :)
    It's true...sleep training should only take 3 nights if you do it right. It might be hard those nights, but if you stick to it you will be so happy!!
    Everything I've read is that crawling isn't actually a true "milestone" in development, as long as they are mobile somehow. They will probably just scoot around and then one day just walk! :)

    I had a dream that you were getting their 1st Birthday invites all ready and you were so excited! It's coming quick! Although, instead of a party for them, I think you should throw a party for you...for making it past the first year! :)