Wednesday, June 1, 2011

11 Months and Counting!

Well here we are. 11 months since our beautiful twin boys were born. I'm a little bit surprised that we survived, but so incredibly proud of us for doing so! I wouldn't stretch so far as to say we did it gracefully, but we fumbled our way through ok. As insanely difficult and challenging as it was, and...I'm not going to lie, agonizing at times, it still seems like it flew by. I really cant wrap my head around the fact that they will be 1 in 1 month! The birthday party planning is in full swing right now, and its going to be a big blowout! :) We have a LOT to celebrate!

I remember with Kyle, that once the 9 month mark hit, things started getting so fun! And he really started changing much faster. Same goes with the twins. They are at an awesome stage right now.


Dev. Devie-Doo. Dooskie. Debba. Deb-Doo, as Kyle says.

You are our easy going boy. You are pretty independent. You idolize your big brother, and are best friends with your twin brother. You are so silly with your feet. You like to kick them on everything. Your crib, the wall, the couch, US, your brothers, the bathtub. Silly man. You eat like no other, and have tons of chub to show for it. And I LOVE that! Your cheeks are so soft and squishy, and there isn't one instance where I pick you up and don't sneak a big kiss into those squishy cheeks. Twice this month you have drifted to sleep cuddled up with Mommy on the floor, and I will never forget those sweet moments. Being a twin has not allowed you many opportunities for moments like that, so we truly savor them when they happen. You are so tickle-ish! And when you get tickled, you let out a laugh that is terribly contagious. Its priceless! You are a great speed crawler. Especially after Mommy gets you out of the bathtub, and attempts to put a diaper on your chubby butt! And you LOVE the water. I believe we will be spending a whole lot of time outside this summer, wading in pools and playing in sprinklers. Your eyes are oh-so-blue. Gorgeous. Stunning. The ladies will never be able to resist. Just ask your Dad, they came from him. And you have long eyelashes, just like Kyle. And they compliment your blue eyes like you wouldn't believe. You give the best kisses. And on demand now too, which I LOVE. You almost always oblige us when we ask you for a kiss. You give high-5's too! You have 5 teeth as of this moment! 2 bottom, and 3 top. Teething was tough on you, but I believe the worst is behind us now. You've pretty much had it with bottles, and prefer the more mature option of a sippy cup. Free flowing even! You are attempting to use utensils now, which blows me away. So smart. You have a big heart, I can already tell. When your brothers take things from you, it doesn't generally upset you too much. Its like you are ok with it because you want to see them happy. You love to put things on your head, especially hats. I intentionally leave hats all over for you and your brother to find and play with. And I must say, you just look so handsome with a hat! Your hair. Ohhh, I have an obsession with your hair! Especially that spot in the back near the base of your neck. Its long, and light strawberry tinted blonde. So soft. You say Momma so clearly. I love it! You just started saying "Bryce" also, and you say that clearly too. You also say Thank You, uh-oh, no no, and All Done. And there are more, but...I just cant think of every single one at the moment. Your smile is contagious and heart melting. And every time I see you smile, I just think of how innocent and genuine you look.



Bych. Bychie. Byce. Brycie. Wittle Bittie. Handsome Eyes.

You are so full of life, sweet boy. And spunk. I look at Kyle as a toddler, and I see a direct "before and after" connection between you two. You are going to be just as wild and crazy when you are a toddler! You are changing in huge leaps and bounds right now. You are crawling extremely efficient, and are pulling to a stand on everything, including your parents :) You are getting brave, and letting go to see how long you can freely stand before you lose balance and fall down. I see the daredevil in you already, and I am telling you mister man, please don't give me any heart attacks before the age of 30! You are my little Momma's boy :) You get jealous if I am giving attention to your brothers, and cry when I leave the room. I know it will pass way too soon, so I try to enjoy and absorb it. Your eyes are an amazing blue, just like Dev's. And like Kyle's. And like Daddy's. As daring and brave as you are, you have a shy side too. And when you get shy, or embarrassed, you use those blue eyes to make the most "handsome face" I've ever seen! You flutter your eyelashes and wrinkle your little nose, and promptly wrap me around your little finger. You too, LOVE the water. You could play and splash in the bathtub for hours. You are a huge talker! We were blown away when a few weeks ago you started putting 2 words together at a time. And even when we cant decipher the words you are saying, we know that you are talking about something for which you must have passion; because you talk so serious and intently. Like what you are saying is a big deal. I bet, if you get over your shyness, you would be a great public speaker. I bet you would demand the attention of your listeners. Or, at least the attention of your Mommy :) You have a remarkable sense of your surroundings. For example, you always sense when someone is about to leave, because you start waving good-bye before we even say it. You love to try to escape from me whenever I am changing your diaper! And half the time you succeed. Silly boy. You slept through the night, finally, 2 nights ago! 8 - 545. Oh sweetie, I thank you for that. You are completely infatuated with hats. You will be a hat wearer for sure. And whats better, is that you not only love to put them on, but you like to wear them sideways. If we put a hat on you, you immediately grab it and turn it sideways. Such a cool kid. I would name your favorite food if you had one, but you don't. You love anything we put in front of you. You are a fantastic eater, and that makes life way easier for us all. Its funny, that even though you are an identical twin, I look at you and think that you look identical to your Daddy. Its some very subtle features, that probably only your Dad and I notice...but I seriously think that of all 3 of you, you look the most like him. You all do, but you especially have an uncanny resemblance to him. You love to give us kisses! And when you do, you firmly grab each side of our faces and plant a big wet one right on us. It is the sweetest thing!



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