Friday, June 17, 2011

2 1/2 Years

Today is June 17th, 2011. 2 1/2 years to the day, since my first child was born. My firstborn son. Kyle Phillip Karnbach. Born on December 17th, 2008 at 11:06 pm and weighing in at 7lbs 13oz. The day that life as I knew it, changed. My heart, changed. My outlook on life, changed. My whole world, changed. A new love that compares to none other, and cannot be explained to those who have yet to experience it themselves. A gorgeous baby boy, with big blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, and beautiful ivory skin. My son.

We named him Kyle Phillip. Kyle because we loved the name, and Phillip after my Dad, his Grandpa. My Dad deserved to have a Grandson named after him. A great, honorable, and strong man. So, he was named after his Grandfather. We kept his name a secret until he was born. Here is the video that was taken on the day of his birth, as we announced his name.

Dear Kyle,

You are 2 1/2 years old today my sweet boy. I still want to call you my baby, even though you are such a big boy now, and hardly a baby. But, you will always be my baby. You might get used to me using that referral.

People use that saying "He's all boy" quite freely. But it applies to you, precisely. You are ALL BOY. You would live outside if we let you. Better yet, you would live in the dirt, or the water. Better yet, you would live in mud...the perfect mixture of both water and dirt. You arent content to just drive your trucks around your sandbox, you prefer to strip down completely naked, and plop right in the middle of it all. And then proceed to smother yourself in the dirt and/or sand. Rub it in your hair, on your legs....throw it in the air. At that moment I look at you, and I am convinced that you would not be an ounce happier if you were smack dab in the middle of free-for-all shopping spree at toys-r-us. I makes my heart so happy to see you in that state. Makes me feel like I am doing right by you, as your Mother. You are so awesome mister man!

 The way to your heart is through anything Cars movie. Mater and Lightning McQueen are your best friends. When you do something fast, you do it "fast yike yightning mkeen and mayta"! We can bribe you so easily with anything Cars related. Yes, sometimes we are not above bribery. 

You are so smart. You love to be read to, and ask for books all of the time. You are reciting your ABC's now, and can make it quite a ways through, with a reminder letter here and there. You love to sing the ABC's song with us. And you are learning to count, and doing well with that. 

You are Daddy's sidekick. It makes you feel so important and grown up to be a helper to your Dad. Getting band equipment out together is something you love to do. And you have such a similar passion for music. You are so going to be a great drummer. It amazes me how coordinated you are with playing already. Another special thing you share with him is your love for ice cream. That does not come from your Mother :) When we do allow you to have a special treat like that, you cant wait to share the experience with Dad. You always squish as close as you can to him on the couch, and you guys say "KEEM!" back and forth to each other. Its pure cuteness.

You do great on the potty, but are uncertain if you are ready to committ entirely to ditching the diapers. Its ok at the moment. I know you will let us know when the time is right. By the way, Mater and Lightning McQueen go on the potty. And dont wear diapers. Just sayin'. :)

You are growing and changing and developing, so swiftly that I wonder sometimes if you matured in your sleep. It seems like you wake up the next day, and are saying longer sentences, telling deeper stories, and being more inquisitive about life. There is a greater depth to your love for others. And an eagerness to explore the world more broadly. You inspire me. As you search for and admire bugs in the dirt, and rocks in the flower beds, you remind me to recognize and appreciate the small things. You are my pride and joy, son. I love you more than you will ever know and I am so proud of you. I am grateful, and lucky, and blessed, and proud...To be your Mommy.


  1. Oh wow...that video made me cry! How precious that you got that on film!
    Kyle and Jack need to play more together....outside they would spend hours and hours in the dirt and with Mater and McQueen!

    What a wonderful post! I feel like we JUST celebrated his 2nd birthday with you!! WOW!

  2. Such a special blog Mandy. I love your 'love letter' to Kyle. It is filled with such unwaivering love, as only a mommy can experience with her child. Save this letter so he can know one day how over the moon his mama is for him. Thank you for sharing such a special experience.