Friday, October 21, 2011

Here's What's Up!

Oh boy, I have no idea how long it has been since I blogged personally, but due to all of the adorableness my kids have been overflowing with recently...I figured it was time for a quick update post :) Facebook just doesn't cut it sometimes, and anyway...I decided to spare you all of the heavy newsfeed clogging. Because certainly, with how silly, smart, adorable, and funny my kids are; I would be posting ALL.DAY.LONG about them :)

The twins are 15 months old now, and Kyle will be 3 in December. And let me tell you, 15 months old was my favorite stage with Kyle, and has proven once again with the babies to STILL be my favorite baby stage. I wish I could just freeze time and keep them 15 months old for about a year. Just to absorb a little more of them during this "phase". And so here I go, with random amusement provided daily by my boys :)

Today Kyle went up Devin and put his arm around him and said "You're my best friend".

Night before last we were doing our usual evening routine, where all 5 of us sit on the living room floor and let the kids mawl us until they get tired enough to go to bed, aaaaAANNNnndddd (sorry, long sentence, I had to take breath) Kyle was naming all of the animals on Diego and I said, "Kyle, how'd you get so smart?" And he said "Cause I love you guys!" with an adorable, handsome, cheeky grin.

Devin and Bryce love to dance. So does Kyle. He still loves the Fresh Beat Band, and always does the dances along with, so I think the babies picked up on that. And now when FBB or Diego comes on (their other fave) they run up to the TV and start spinning in circles and jumping up and down. And, just take my word for it, it's the cutest thing you've ever seen. Well, maybe the second cutest thing. See below.

Devin is a Kisser. He's a little lover. And a cuddler. And my husband says he obviously got that from him, because Duh, they share the same middle name! He voluntarily kisses each and every one of us, at least once a day, if not ten times. He will actually sit, content, on the couch in our lap's. Bryce, not so much...he hits the ground running and doesn't stop until he completely crashes.

Speaking of kissing, THEE cutest thing i've yet to see the twins do, is walk up to each other and directly give each other a big ol' kiss. THAT is the cutest thing ever. Ever. Take my word for this too.

And, speaking of walking...They are both walking now. Bryce started at about 13 months, and Devin at about 14 months. And now they are both running. Bryce runs just like a duck, with his chest out ahead of every other body part. And his arms down at his sides. SO funny.

I bet you've never seen a baby eat like these boys. I'm not kidding. They individually eat more than Kyle every single day. When we serve them up a plate, we serve the same amount for them to split, as we serve ourselves. They prefer veggies over anything else. Except maybe cheese sticks. They aren't big on sweets, HALLELUJAH!. Total opposite from Kyle.

They TALK. And talk and talk and talk. I'm not just talking Mama, and Dada, etc...Bryce is attempting sentences, they've both been putting 2 words together since before they were 1, and they just jabber about and repeat everything. If you ask them a question, and they understand it, they will answer you "uh-huh" (meaning yes) and nod their heads, or say "nah" (meaning no) and nod their heads the other way. They can name almost every body part. Nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, butt, belly button, toes, and yes...they know where their peepee's are. When I change their diapers, they wave their hands in front of their noses and say "pee-you" followed by "Cah-Cah". Tell me your not at least smirking!

They know when its time to go, as they see us getting the essentials ready (diaper bag, sippy cups, purse, vodka, xanax...just kidding on those last two!) and repeatedly say "Bye-Bye" while trying to put their own shoes on.

Bryce thinks he's a lion. Or a bear. Or something. He started doing this thing, like he is trying to scare us. He will peek around the corner, trying to be sneaky, and let out a big "RAAAAWWWRRR" noise. And then when we act scared, he just laughs hysterically. Ahaha, it is quite funny, I don't blame him :)

They sing along to the abc's. And sway their bodies back and forth.

Kyle has learned a lot of spanish lately. Say what you will, it doesn't hurt any kid to learn about other cultures and expand their knowledge. And LEARN. Period.

We decided to keep Kyle out of school for one more year. Pre-school is good enough, he doesn't need pre-pre school. A lot of kids just go straight to K. AND, mostly, I don't want him to be the youngest in his class, and with how his B-Day falls, that would be the case. And that is not cool when you are a boy.

I asked Kyle what we should have for dinner tonight and he said, "Coyote's". Hmmm. Ok, son.

Kyle and I made cookies today. And I of course let him have one. And then two. And then I asked him if he liked them and he said, "Yeah, my tummy's full. I ate 2. It's too much". Hind sight is 20-20 sweetheart.

At some point today, my head count was 1 short and when I realized it was Bryce, I called for him and he came running at top speed down the hallway and around the corner toward me, with both hands up in the air. I swooped him up and said "Can I have a kiss?" Know what he said? " No no!". Haha.

And just so I don't dampen the "up-idy-ness" of this post, I will hold off on sharing all of the insane things that happen all throughout a day in my shoes. Or rather, slippers. Last Christmas's worn out, stinky, raggedy old slippers, to be exact. But that post will be next. And it will probably be borden-line gross. Because that is what you get with 3 little boys. Dirt, poop, grossness, messes, ANXIETY and hairloss, rapid aging...and most prominently among those things, you get more love, laughter, and joy than you ever thought you could experience. So, brace yourself!

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